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Town Council meetings are split up into four different committees, General purpose, Finance and Town Hall, Planning and The Information Centre. You can view the Minutes and Agendas in the file list below.

You are welcome to attend Town Council meetings - unless they are Part 2 restricted.  Before the town council meeting is opened by the Chairman, you will have the opportunity to express your views or make statements on matters on the agenda.  If the matter you wish to raise is not on the agenda, the Town Council members may choose to include it on a future agenda.

The maximum time allowed for public speaking is ten minutes. Council members will not enter into any discussion about the issues you raise but your comments will be noted.


Bruce Broughton

Town Clerk
Town Hall
North Street
Devon, TQ13 7QQ

01364 652 142

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The Town Council observes a number of policies and controls which are published here for reference.

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