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Virtual Yoga, Music Tours and More...

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

OK - it's not the same as actually being there but you can still go to yoga classes and enjoy live (or nearly live) music tours without putting yourself or others at risk.

It's a great way to enjoy activities with a group of friends and to beat the boredom of social isolation.

There are a growing list of events going online. Here are a few to start with, we'll update the list as other virtual events join us online.

Amanda Berlyn at Station Yard Studios will be streaming her Grey Matter yoga sessions on Wednesday lunchtimes and other mindfulness and wellbeing sessions as this develops. Join the group to stay in the loop:

Chelan Freeman will be streaming yoga sessions from Station Yard Studios via Zoom, Monday at 6pm - arrive 5 minutes early and say'hi!':

David Kilkelly is posting a different track every night at 7pm for anyone who likes a bit of house music:

Sam Walker is recording his "Tour to Nowhere" virtual music tour around his house:

Thinking of going virtual?

Here are some tips for using Facebook live:

Not a Facebook fan?

Take a look at Zoom which is free for up to 100 participants and 40 minutes of streaming:

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