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Help is Here!

The Town Council, together with the and volunteers, has set up a new Ashburton Community Covid Response Team helpline number

What is the New Helpline Number?

The new helpline number is a local landline number:

01364 255919

Why A New Helpline Number?

The new helpline is able to handle several calls at the same time and is manned by many volunteers, which means that many more people will be able to get support when they need it.

How Can the Helpline Help?

The helpline number enables you to access a range of free services provided by the Ashburton Community Covid Response Team and its volunteers:

  • Medicine Delivery

  • Food Delivery

  • Community Transport

  • Expanded Food Bank Service

  • ‘Check in and chat’ phone call service for people wanting company

  • Help, advice and practical support

Who May Call the Helpline Number?

During these exceptional times anyone may find themselves in need of support, whether they are self-isolating and unable to pick up shopping or medicine or they need advice, or simply a sympathetic ear...

When May I Call the Helpline Number?

The helpline is will be manned from 9am-8pm seven days a week during the crisis. If you call outside of these hours you may leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as possible.

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