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October Weather Report
Although October started wet with 66mm (2 ½”) of rain falling on Ashburton in the first week, the rest of the month saw below average rainfall. It is a trend that has occurred for the last three years, with a total of 120mm (4 ¾”) for the month as opposed to an average of 155mm (6”). We had a classic “St Luke’s little summer” – a period of dry weather in October centred on St Luke’s Day, the 18th, which was welcomed by farmers trying to gather the harvest in. It is a frequent phenomenon, usually lasting around 10 days. The last week of the month, half term week, was a mixture of showers and bright days, with a torrent of rain on the Tuesday, catching most people out without their ‘brollies. However, it did stay dry for Hallowe’en. Temperatures were about normal for the time of year, but a sharp ground frost in the second to last weekend signalled winter was almost upon us, along with the dark evenings as the clocks went back to Greenwich Mean Time.

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